2015 Featured Favorite Award—Winner, Eduardo Suastegui

bookSCREAM Featured Favorite Award Medal of HonorIt’s time, and the bookSCREAM staff is proud to officially announce the first annual bookSCREAM Featured Favorite Award winner! But first, a few statistics.

During 2015, bookSCREAM cataloged over 35,000 books by over 19,000 authors. We sent 300,000 clicks to these books, helping to sell thousands and thousands of copies to eager readers. Considering that we’re a free service and have been operating for just over a year, we’re pretty proud of those numbers! And we know we’re continuing to grow in both capacity and in the hearts of the authors and subscribers supporting our mission to bring affordable prices on great books into the limelight.

From a pool of 19,000, selecting the most prominent and successful author on the bookSCREAM network was no simple task. The process takes specialized algorithms to comb through all of the data and determine which author came out on top. The procedure was grueling, but necessary, as we felt authors who provide the most value to the most subscribers deserve special recognition. And that’s what makes the bookSCREAM Featured Favorite Award so exceptional.

For 2015, the Featured Favorite winner is…

Eduardo Suastegui

Mr. Suastegui is a well reviewed author writing captivating, suspenseful thrillers. Not only do readers love his books, but his presence and availability on social networks helped him rise above the competition in 2015. To learn more about Eduardo, visit his website or Amazon author page.

We also want to thank all of our authors and supporters for making the bookSCREAM Featured Favorite Award possible. To the runners up, we wish you all a powerful 2016 and hope to see more wonderful stories spun from the webs of your minds!