Moving House


Let’s get straight to business. Remember the devastating outage we suffered a few weeks ago? That was part of a major hardware failure on our web server. The outage lasted much longer than it should have, because our web host is transitioning to new ownership, and backup files had to be restored over the web rather than over a much speedier local network.

We’ve been with that same web host since 2014, and we’ve never experienced a major outage like the one that hit us on May 8th. It hit just before the day’s automated backup was processed, and recovering from the lost data was a chore. So we’re setting out to prevent future outages of a similar nature.

Over the next few days, we’ll be moving all of our operations to new servers. Because we’re a free service, it will be difficult for us to maintain 100% uptime. But the new server architecture we’re putting into place will allow us to almost instantly regain service should we suffer another hardware failure, and our backups will run several times a day now, as opposed to just once per day. This means the integrity of our systems will improve a dozen times over.

So we’re asking for a little patience over the next few days. It may be a bumpy transition, but hopefully we’ll get through it quickly and never look back! Most of all, we appreciate your continued support as we build bookSCREAM into the web’s number one indie performance tracking platform.

If you have any questions about this move, please contact us via Facebook. Cheers!