I can’t subscribe to your newsletter. What’s wrong?
We have recently had a number of malicious users subscribing to bookSCREAM, only to immediately report us as spam. These accounts have come from AOL, Comcast, and Yahoo. Because of this, we have temporarily suspended sending to these providers. You can help remedy this situation by adding deals@bookscream.com to your whitelist.

What is bookSCREAM?
bookSCREAM started as a service allowing independent authors to advertise books for free. During that time, we gathered a lot of data about how readers choose books, and bookSCREAM has since evolved into a service that focuses on providing this detailed data to authors. While our newsletter still exists, our focus is—and always has been—helping authors. If you’re an author, you’ll love bookSCREAM.

When can I join bookSCREAM’s open BETA?
Now! Simply subscribe to our regular newsletter and then visit your Author Dashboard to fill out the form.

Is bookSCREAM free?
During the the first phases of our open BETA, some works were included in our newsletter free of charge, but we did begin charging a small fee starting in November of 2017.

What will bookSCREAM cost?
bookSCREAM has launched its paid programs with beautiful ads costing as little as $3 plus the cost of a pScore Report.

Do I have to subscribe to advertise?
Initially, yes. This is how we create your account and store a holder for you within our system network. You can unsubscribe at any time and still use the site to place ads without an active subscription.

How many readers does bookSCREAM reach?
bookSCREAM started shouting about deals on September 23rd, 2014 and has already grown to reach over 30,000* targeted readers, and we’re only getting louder!
(*We often trim out unresponsive followers and spam accounts, and so this number can fluctuate.)

Can I tell you about my book?
Yes! At this time, all open BETA participants are able to submit to our newsletter and sophisticated tracking service. Simply subscribe to our regular newsletter and then visit your Author Dashboard to fill out the form.

What exactly is a BETA?
“BETA” is a term used in software development that, loosely speaking, represents the second level of the development phase. This phase generally comes before the final release of the software being developed. It is sometimes opened to members of the public in order to make certain that all of the systems work as flawlessly as possible before release.

Can I change my email?
Nope! In order to switch to a new email, you’ll need to unsubscribe your old email and then sign up again with your new email. Authors need to do things the same way. We understand that this can cause difficulty in viewing promotions submitted under a previous account, but that previous account is still available to view, so your promotions won’t go anywhere!

My Ad is marked ERROR. What happened?
Ads are marked ERROR when we’re unable to display them for some reason. These reasons might include poor keyword choices, incomplete or otherwise poor descriptions, invalid or inaccurate pricing details, too many recent similar promotions, too many advertised books by the same author for the same day, or any other reason where we feel subscribers may not benefit from the ad you submitted.

I have a question not listed here. How can I contact you?
Social networking is a major part of our marketing strategy. If you have a question or concern, the fastest way to contact us is via Facebook or Twitter. We’ll reply as quickly as possible!