No More Free Ads

You’re here because something is different. But don’t worry. The only things changing are numbers. And they all work in your favor. Let us explain:

AdobeStock_84485659Meager Beginnings

bookSCREAM has come a long way since it was founded in September of 2014. For three years, we have applied ourselves to create a friendly, simple environment for authors and publishers, developing strong relationships with subscribers of our balanced and accessible newsletter along the way. As a primarily free service, bookSCREAM has never relied on affiliate marketing relationships or steep fees to keep things rolling. But we’ve reached a point where being free just won’t sustain us going forward.


Our VisionOur Forever Vision

When bookSCREAM was founded, it had one simple goal: to be the source for performance metrics that reach beyond the traditional click conversion that is strangling the indie-author community. This was a tall order to fill, and we knew it all along. The systems we’d need to develop to handle pushing performance reporting to the next level needed to be both robust and like nothing ever seen before. And so we’ve poured everything we have into developing these systems and keeping our heads above the water. Still, bookSCREAM has been operating in the red all along. Does this bother us? No. Because we are focused and committed, and we’re willing to do everything we possibly can to support our community through the realization of this vision.


Next StepsPhasing Forward

Because every dime we’ve collected from our generous BETA authors has gone straight into developing our original vision, we never took the time to grow our subscriber base. Expanding beyond our already dedicated community was such a small piece of the puzzle that it simply didn’t deserve much attention. Until now. Except there’s a problem. We’ve learned so much about the book-buying community that we know it’s going to take a village to give your books the care they deserve on promotion day. And that’s why we’re beginning to form partnerships with other promotional services on your behalf. These partnerships are why we’re having to phase out free ads and transition to a fee-based structure.


New BeginningA New Horizon

While free ads are no longer available, affordable ads are. Over the next year, we will be working with other promotional services to discover the ones providing the best results. We’ll use our sophisticated system to light the way. And as we learn about the best of the best, we’ll be gradually increasing our fees so that we can strengthen the partnerships that best help you, the author. We’re making bookSCREAM the only place you’ll ever need to submit a promotion, because we’re working for what matters most. You.


Growing FruitWhat’s Happening Now

We’re starting small. Just $3 or $5 per ad. With the fees we collect, we’ll start turning on our reporting systems. These reports will be called pScore Reports, and they’ll be available at no additional charge as part of your paid bookSCREAM ad. pScore Reports will give you the information you’re missing, and we can’t wait to go into detail about how they’ll grow and evolve to redefine what it means to optimize ebook marketing.


Friends ForeverWe Love Our Community

We can’t sign off without reminding you, our loyal community, how much we appreciate the support you’ve provided over the last three years. From Tweets to donations to emails just saying “hi,” you’ve constantly reminded us why we do what we do. And we can’t wait to start the next leg of this journey with you. So stay tuned for updates on what’s happening, as we’re dedicated to being as transparent as possible through this process. We encourage you to provide feedback. Let us know if you’re concerned or confused. But most importantly, hold on to your hats, and get ready to uncover a whole new world of marketing.